Thursday, 8 June 2017

Wild Side - Walk

Fresh air and exercise
Considerable consensus
Suggests inestimable value
Held in escrow
Secure in the vault
Of the nearest forest

Is there no distinction
To be made
Of mere movement
Along the avenue
Around the local pitch
 Among the throngs
Pushing iron or
Ensconced in
Choreographed carb consumption

Activity regardless of form
Of considerable benefit
The addressing of an alternative call
Is at stake
If you will - the call of the wild
Leave behind
Big screens and techno beats

Walk as far and deep
As you can allow
Until surrounded
By the tallest & the oldest of trees
And maintaining the silence
Listen with all your heart
To the magic tales
Of the wisest among them

Should you happen upon
A river or stream
Take note
It flows in only one direction
Of your own stories
Should they arise

Take counsel
From the pragmatic singularity
Of the flow
The story you arrived with
Will be carried off
It's absence will accompany your return

Walk .. (don't run) Listen .. Walk

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