Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Shadow Puppet

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No talk of: 

Silver linings

Darkest before the dawn

Singing in the rain 


Dancing in the puddles


I pay homage to:







I don't need:

An intervention

A new drug

More time in meditation

A green smoothie

A TED talk 

To be:





I feel like:





Crying.. crying .. crying

And nobody

Especially me

Can be




An undefined exile

The light:

Needs no introduction


I embrace 


Welcome home

The unsung heroes

How long

You have suffered



Dare to Imagine

Forget speculation 
Regarding Angels on pinheads
How many miracles 
Do you suppose 
Occur each moment?

A kaleidoscope of grace
To a heart
That will avail itself
A portal to
And service of -

"The mystery"

Vibrancy: alive and well
For you 
To come home
To yourself

Reflect to Renounce:

Realize through restoration:

Angels dancing 
For you 
With you
Through you 
As you

Nothing begins without you

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Necessarily Radical

The masculine house
Must no longer
Be allowed
To be exiled
Upon the rocks 
Of ill-repute

A sacred call
Has been issued
For the 
Coming of age
Of the Divine Masculine
Times are ripe 
For a potent
And collective change

World events 
Are providing
An ample crucible
For each, 
To invite 
A deep and lasting

An immature masculinity
Has been allowed
To excessively propagate
With self-evident repercussions. 
"World leaders" are too self-interested
From the grass-roots
Those interested in the world - must lead.

God, King, Priest
Warrior, Lover, Sage
Ask not
Whether these exist in me?
What is needed 
To fully develop them?

Masculine energy
Must align
Mature & balance
Come into right relationship
With the Divine feminine
With Life itself 

Ask not
How am I to:
Control (Life)
Dominate (Life)
Compete with (Life)
Manipulate (Life)
Run from (Life)

Lead the revolution
Your Soul

This very day
Could be (personal) Armistice Day
Beginning with self.
Localized action,
With global impact. 

June 27, 2007

Monday, 26 June 2017

There's Someone I'd Like you to Meet...

Have you 
Spent any appreciable time
At your mirror
Beyond the perfunctory  
Due diligence 
To ensure 
Carried out safely?

Look closer
Beyond the familiar
Do you presume
Which you see,
Painted upon 
Your minds eye,
Is all that which 
Seeks your gaze?

Even if 
You are convinced
That all is known
Can you
Be sure 
You've seen 
You're entirety?

Soften your stare
Look out (and in)
Beyond the edges
What lies in wait
In the misty
As yet unformed
But potent 
Powerful potentials

Make no mistake.
This as yet,
Unformed strata,
Of qualities.
The untold story, 
That is you.
First look.
You will, 
Begin to see.

R. O'Neill 
June 26, 2017

Sunday, 25 June 2017

I am, Listening

I need a sign!
What do you suppose 
That might look like?
How about 
One of those 
Burning bushes?
It's been done!
And was 
Situationally specific...
Too much to ask then?
Not at all...
You are free to ask..
But will you listen?
Do you mean
By that?
What are you,
Making it mean?
It implies 
I don't listen!!
It was a question,
To focus your attention,
On listening....
Not an assessment,
Of your listening....
Okay.. I'm listening
Consider then, 
Is the quality 
Of your listening?
My hearing is great!
Occurs with 
Your listening
When what you hear
Is contrary 
To what you believe
You want?
Well.. that depends
Fair enough..
But would you agree
Your relationship (willingness)
What you are
According to your
"Approval" of 
That which 
You are hearing?
Well yes, but...
There is...
 No judgment 
So then...
If you accept 
As true
A loving universe...
Then consider 
There is 
A response
Each time 
You ask...
It is 
Personal and relevant 
And current
To you...
Do not 
Confuse scale,
With power
To do so 
Is an invitation 
To explore
Your own
So signs..
Are ever present...
Profound in design
There is 
As much likelihood
That in less,
There is more...
A subtle presentation
The immensity
Of sky-writing
Upon the horizon
To the one 
That pays attention
How divinely,
Are Listening...

I am, Beauty

A snow flake 
Exquisite & bold 
Possesses stalwart audacity
 in it's unique design
Beautiful collectively
 To frost the landscape
While each 
An undeniable
Irrepressible & unmatched
Signatory splendor
For the duration
Of its existence
Being comprised
Of a love so pure
None will ever look
Outside itself
Nor question 
It's own beauty

Saturday, 24 June 2017

I Am Wonder

Life's innumerable distractions
Left unaddressed
 Expands the ordinary
And render the miraculous

Struck blind
While echoing
Resignation's theme
 Wonders dance
On a stage near you

Listen, the hum
Cellophane wings
in a 
Weave of divine geometry

Seeds misunderstood
Comprise an orb
of feathery destiny
Mystery's abound
Carried on the wind

Walk softly
Appreciate slowly
Listen with your heart
See through a lens
All is wonder

How Many, Roads......

What of this "Road Less Travelled?"
I'll outsmart them all!
While they sit in traffic.
The curiosity compels me!
Why is this road so empty?
This is going to be easy, breezy, if you please!
I won't follow the migration of the blind
This is a crossroad, that is, a no-brainer!
Adios Amigos!

I can't imagine why this freedom is renounced
"They," are nearly all, out of sight
But haven't gone, anywhere
Won't somebody join me here?
Wait a minute, it's day time - isn't it?
Why is it so dark & foggy along here?
I don't know where I'm going, & now I can see it, if I did!

What kind of road is this anyway?
Who would build such a thing?
Maybe I'm not so smart after all
Why the hell did I come this way?
I can't go back, I come quite some way
Where I'm going, is near as close, as the distance I've come..
Isn't it?
Where I was no longer exists for me...

Who goes off this way without direction or cause?
Are questions still rhetorical or relevant, where there's no one to answer?
I'm certainly not as sure as when I left
I need help
And it's abundantly clear, there's a great deal of just me here
If there were a loving and guiding force available
Could I please be availed some direction

I've been along this way -for a very long time
A word or two of reassurance would be welcome
The destination is evasively around, the enticing next corner
Despite, and because of myself
Each next corner is realized
I am deeply grateful to the invitation of curiosity
Feet might fail me without it
I deeply respect "it's" source

I no longer walk this road
To set myself a part from those on the alternative roads
I'm here because it's my road
I wouldn't have known myself
As part of this experience
Had I chose another route
I'm happy to share a smile as we pass

What glorious adventures await us all
There is nothing lacking in having our own experience
Oh how perfect - one call, so many directions
I wish you views of endless grandeur
And we may even journey a while in a common direction
At the moment, I'm now just upon the pinnacle, of the last hill
I'm going to enjoy the view and bolster myself
As even now... I see the approach, of another cross-road.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Gimme Shelter (Please)

A broken down church
Extends public invitation
Welcome to our prayer room

When a heart seeks communion
An open door need present
Next a willingness to enter

No respite from the churning sea, to be found
While judging the state of the harbour
Now haven held, a cause for wonder

When the seas are churning
Peace adorns the sanctuary - not frescoes
A humble submission, upheld within unadorned walls and glass stained by the ages

Assisi's transformed philanderer & failed warrior
Conscripted and redirected to lead a spiritual legion
Invited to rebuild a church fallen into disrepair

Grace then, doesn't deliver the blow
But is there to gain access through the breech
Choose, patch the wall or it's entire dismantling

Welcome extended before arrival
A heart held, heard and honoured
A relationship is renewed, guidance requested, release - it is done!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Spinning Wheels

Eyes transfixed
Entangled in the orbit
Of a distant windmill
Each clock defying
Eviscerating the horizon
Three-fold appendages
Stirring handfuls
Of heaven & earth
With each wind fed
A celebratory dance
Father Sun
Now at the zenith
Inviting a sacred union
Thrine is then one
Calling forth to each
Step now, from beyond
The shadow of your own eclipse

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Engaging Opportunity

Not necessarily my typical writing rhythm, this, about to represent the second post in the same day. Then again, is there room for “typical” and “creativity” in the same sentence? One answer is, obviously, here they are coexisting upon the page, clear as day and with no apparent conflict. In addition to sentence structure consideration, the question might be posed from the standpoint of: how much creativity continues to be employed within the constructs of typical?

“Make hay while the sunshines,” or is that rake hay? I have no idea. I know, in this moment the sun is a brilliant presence, conjuring dancing diamonds to the surface of the Foyle. So an additional offering comes by virtue of the fact – I can, write, where I am. I sit at the river’s edge along the urban walkway; laptop upon lap top, take-away coffee nearby. Rather than sit at an outdoor cafĂ© table, which would be pleasant enough. I have selected a seat fashioned from the stones of the land which are part of a rock garden wall. I fancy that to make sure the circuit is complete; I’m going to just soak creativity and inspiration right through the seat of my pants.

I continue with the sound track accompaniment of my iPod on shuffle which means I’ve had music that ranges from Nazareth to Bendictine Monks and everything & anything in between. Without lengthy, does it matter anyway explanations, pertaining to music’s contribution to creativity induction – I will say that for me, sitting, walking or cycling while listening can summons sheer delight. If that’s not the crux of creativity in itself – feels to me like a good place to start.

I’ve been to the gym already, which though perhaps not a vital element in the act of hosting creativity; for me it is an integral contribution to feeling sensational. Not to mention I have experienced the leeching of vitality which can accompany an over indulgence in sedentary pursuits. Of course adherence to a fitness regime might be challenging while traveling, depending on the itinerary and nature of the journey. Although, I did see a compilation of exercises put together for the “traveler” – all which could be done in a hotel room (or limited space) with body weight exercises. So these things can be done – it a case of having the will and following through.

Trust me when I say, I have experienced all forms of neglect and or excess. I am not now the voice of virtue – I have just determined a clear preference to feeling good. If I don’t each day manage to live accordingly, first of all, I suffer in some way, second it’s not the end of the world. A bout of suffering won’t be improved upon, through berating the cause (especially when it’s me) – it’s a simple call to resume those feel good, self-care actions (as best as can be managed, in a given set of circumstances).

Do the best that you can, with what you have, at the time. Of course that will look different at various places in time and certainly from one life to another. All I know is that I cannot begin to bring the best possible version of myself into the world, when I feel horrible.

I am acutely aware that I am exceedingly fortunate to be; well frankly, that says it. Fortunate to be! I sit here basking in the amazing summer time breeze along the river. Present to the high spirits and joy of those walking past. At the same time I’m aware that this idyllic scene – a river that is life-blood to the land – a transportation conduit for commerce etc. has taken lives too. Same river; without any will to be used, for such ends. I know that darkness, despair and hopelessness; that can and does, obliterate even the magnificence of a day and settings such as this. A broader perspective is consumed and rendered starkly and limitlessly without alternative. I suppose it could be said to be the diametric opposite of creativity – or at best, the use of all imaginative and creative faculties, are directed at a very definite and final expression. Does it have to go this way? I don’t know. Are my efforts to feel good an ongoing ploy to keep the darkness at bay? Maybe. I’m deeply grateful that this pain is not my day to day experience and that the sweetness of life is vastly available to me, 

I’m here now to be a lifeline – not special, not better than I’m someone that was the recipient of the grace of God (directly) and indirectly, through people too innumerable to count (if indeed there is even a need to distinguish there being a “difference”regarding form of divine intervention). It’s clear to me that mine is, the next “hand up…”  Do I know all the forms and means through which that will take place?  No, but that is being worked out line by line as I write. This represents far more to me than a hobby, pass-time, or amusement; this is nothing less, than a calling. A communication conduit with the divine, which serves perhaps as much (sometimes more) a directive to me. 

My focus now is to graciously acknowledge the gifts I've been given & ask .. how can I be of service?

Not on the Map - But Love the View...

"Many of us find that we have squandered our own creative energies by investing disproportionately in the lives, hopes, dreams and plans of others. Their lives have obscured and detoured our own. As we consolidate a core through our withdrawal process, we become more able to articulate our own boundaries, dreams and authentic goals. Our personal flexibility increases while our malleability to the whims of others decreases. We experience a heightened sense of autonomy and possibility" - Julia Cameron - The Artist's Way

As the last post indicated, I am in possession once again, of a copy of this book. Will then, all musing and focus be derived from this perspective? It most certainly will have an effect, while at the same time, I don't anticipate specifically, direct reference to the book becoming my exclusive focus.

Having said that it's entirely possible that elements of the book may well find their way into an expanded creativity dance on & off the page.

Is this the sort of undertaking one undergoes while "traveling?" Well, in the spirit of creativity, this "one" does. Or, so goes the intention. I suppose it could be relegated to a "winter project" - short, darkened days and long nights - highly conducive to hibernation, reflection and introspection.

But what if the "juice"is calling for attention & extraction,  now? On the verge of the summer solstice  while traveling (albeit at the present I've "landed" in Derry, Northern Ireland) is this the time to undergo such a process?


I feel it calling me even while, I'm already in the process, of refining my first book manuscript and as such, it could be argued, I'm not in need of "creativity recovery." That "project" is underway - I suppose that it may well present further opportunity for creative decisions which can be addressed as they arise. Though a significant undertaking in & of itself - it might be thought of as only one or a handful of, spokes on a greater wheel.  I don't see this current travel scenario as "taking a break from my life." This is my life! Unquestionably seeds that I have planted in the past have germinated and I am reaping the harvest. I'm not looking to resume "business as usual" - this may well represent creativitie's "finest hour" where I'm concerned. As such, any process that might deepen and expand my connection to the Creator/Creation/Creativity I see as being beneficial.

I'm seeking creatively, to create to a greater degree, the application of creativity, while walking step by step, into the life, I'm currently creating & will create.

I'm open to and expect miracles (of all forms, shapes and manifestations) - I also acknowledge my responsibility for participation in the generation of said miracles; or at the very least the allowing for their occurrence.

So then, there are seasons external and internal.  Seasons within seasons. Season specific to particular situations. One could be harvesting from one field, cultivating/planting another, while another still, is being allowed to lie fallow.

I'm not sure that my writing will yield any form of "how to manual" - there are innumerable authors for whom this comprises some of their life work.  I don't see my gift in the distillation and dispensing of formulaic approaches. I'm not discounting them or dismissing their value.

Mine is more a disclosure of an ongoing mix of where I was, then what happened, & here's what's going on now. To some degree I'm honouring the seasons within myself and the source that sustains them, while developing the unique expression of it's nature. If others find these writings, resonant, inspiring, instructive - Wonderful!

Experience and hope. One the incubator/crucible of the other. Which as I consider it, enjoy a relationship of reciprocity. I don't advocate anyone - do what I have done.  I don't consider myself "a beacon of hope" as much as I would claim a want, to become one of it's, most ardent advocates.

Interestingly, when I read the quote included at the beginning of this post - it had struck a chord which I considered would be the trajectory of this day's passage. Absent is what might have otherwise been, a scrutiny and analysis of the text.

Perhaps instead, it's essence was allowed a voice - nuanced in "seasons," "reasons", experience & hope.

Today's lesson: a creative intention might well be better seen, as an intention, to be with creativity. Collaborator rather than dictator.

Class dismissed - Rob - get outside and get some fresh air & exercise!!!!

Monday, 19 June 2017

Creating Excitement

The universe conspires to have a number of factors combine to peak my curiosity, tantalize my playful heart and just generally elicit joy and excitement. At the same time, due to a recent conversation, after which I decided to get an electronic version of "The Artist's Way"so that I can work with the material again; an online Astrology source that I have referred to for quite sometime, informs me that this week "creative energies" are highly active for me and that now the time has come  to "ride the wave"and maximize the opportunity for mastery. This pertains to allowing the creativity to flow; but emphasizes the importance of fully occupying my heart. It speaks of "clearing and realignment" having recently occurred (which it has, in a number of ways) a paradigm mastery, with a wide open heart.

Am I an artist? How does this "Artist's Way" apply to me? Well, I look upon the opportunity to get "me" out of the "Way." The discussion around working with that material was exciting - seems ample cause to go ahead and "get with the program." Ah... or perhaps release something in the way of "program" and let creativity have it's way with me. The conversation that led to this "choice" was one that for me was, alive with inspiration.  Why wouldn't I jump in the direction of that which excites me? Could be any number of "reasons" - however none of them apply in this case - as it's "go time."

Inspiring conversation - leading to inspired action! I know and feel with every fibre of my being that I am moving in alignment with my heart/soul. That is exhilarating ... I want more of that! And it is my sacred responsibility to bring my passion to bare in my own life in order to do just that! Will this undertaking be the source of excitement for everyone - it might.  I'm not actually suggesting that anyone follow suit here. Only you know what excites you. And if that's not clear at the moment, it's up for revision or redefining; do yourself a favour and invest the time in yourself to find out.

I'm clear, I'm willing to do more that excites me, so that I can have more of what I want. It's self-perpetuating, because what I want, is to be doing more of what excites me. I want to have more amazing conversations, with more amazing people, doing amazing things. I can & I will.

I don't have a read on the outcome of this, but as I said, the guidance attained through feeling aligned is reward in itself. Despite a full day, with considerable walking, to and from a fairly intense workout the buzz of all being considered, has the notion of sleep, occur preposterous. I'll get there eventually.

It's as though the acknowledging of an increased creative energy flow has made it so. Without even yet commencing the actual inner workings of the book - the "basic principles" are coming alive for me. The time is clearly now. It was time for the conversation, it was time for the book, it was time to be informed through the astrology reading. It was time that people, places and things have been weaving together for quite some while now. "Here, read this" "You might want to go here?" "Are you interested in coming to this?" "Hmm, maybe I'll contact this person."

I can't begin to delineate the time line. What the hell is time anyway? I came here to Ireland sometime ago. I've been here now for sometime. It's sometime in the evening now... As I'm sitting here at this time, writing about being excited about writing;  I'm suddenly aware of the depth and the breadth of my appreciation for everything I've experienced and the people I'm surround in. I'm living an extraordinary life and I actually believe that regardless of how amazing it is now - I dare to believe and I'm willing to allow, that it can continue to get even better. I'm not saying certain things need to happen first in order for this to occur. But that it can occur. I'm not speaking from the position that anything is missing.

I then just keep doing, being and believing that which creation wants of me and for me. What could be better? That which I've been seeking - is indeed seeking me! "It," "God", "Creator," has not been lost - it is me that has gone about denying my own connection, my creative ability. The gift of it was made available upon arrival. A loving Creator isn't about to force one to allow and express their gift. That is the nature of it being a gift - it can be freely refused. The irony of that is in doing so, the impression of a void occurs - a sense of a lack of connection/creativity; neither of which are lacking, rather they have just been denied.

A fatigue is descending upon me now which will be allowed to be the indication I will draw this toward finished; even though it's anything but.